Date: 11/27/18 8:45 am
From: Jay Withgott <withgott...>
Subject: [obol] eBirding the Bluebirds -- a request

G’Morning Bluebirders — er, I mean, Birders --

If you are heading over to look for the Eastern Bluebirds and are an eBird user, please know that as of today the Dharma Rain Zen Center has been made an official eBird hotspot. Thus, to keep the map tidy and make for better data allocation, please enter your checklist observations using this hotspot rather than creating a personal location.

If you saw the bluebirds yesterday, please go back into your checklist when you can and merge the location you created into the new “Dharma Rain Zen Center” hotspot. Thank you. (I understand from Vjera T., Oregon’s hotspot reviewer who created it for us on short notice — thank you, Vjera — that the several people who had suggested it as a hotspot will have their lists automatically merged.)

Thanks also to Mary and Bob for their posts about respecting the Zen Center’s land and people. I probably wandered a few places I shouldn’t have in my own zeal to see the birds, as it was a bit unclear what was what, and if so, I apologize. I understand from Eric Carlson (finder of the birds, who birds there regularly) that the Siskiyou pathway that leads from NE 88th & Russel to NE 82nd & Siskiyou was created in partnership with Metro and is a public space, which dogwalkers etc. use. And that he’s had many wonderful interactions with the Zen Center people, who greatly appreciate nature and enjoy seeing visitors there enjoying the land they are cultivating. That’s helpful that you emailed them, Bob — thanks. As we learn of any specific wishes or restricted areas, let’s post them on this listserv and we’ll all strive to be fully respectful of them.

Jay Withgott
eBird reviewer for Multnomah Co.

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