Date: 11/25/18 9:29 pm
From: David Irons <llsdirons...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Bean Goose pics
I'm looking at a bunch of my photos of the Nestucca Bean-Goose and comparing them to photos taken today and I'm not seeing any obvious differences in bill length, head shape, or grin patch size. If anything, my photos seem to show the Nestucca bird as having a wider gap in the grin patch. Neck length proportions seem to be about the same as well. Reeber's illustrations of "Taiga" types show a little more of a pinched tip to the bill that what is illustrated for the "Tundra" types. The Nestucca bird seems a bit paler overall, but that may be due to lighting conditions. My photos from Nestucca were taken on a sunny day and it was overcast at Finley this afternoon.

I had not realized that some taxonomies still treat these birds as a single species. Smart folks? As noted by Bob Archer, the Finnish birders who originally found this bird were calling it a "Tundra" Bean-Goose.

Dave Irons
Beaverton, OR

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Sent: Monday, November 26, 2018 4:08 AM
Subject: [obol] Re: Bean Goose pics

Issue is there are probably two subspecies that are involved in both the Tundra and Taiga groups. the Thick-billed and Tundra Bean Goose are in one group and the Taiga and Middendorf's are in the other group (Reeber's book). This is similar to arguing about Lesser Canada Goose and Taverner's Cackling Goose. All I can say is the very knowledgeable birder from Finland saw this goose and I THINK he was leaning to Tundra. But I should not put words into others mouths.

Bob Archer

On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 7:55 PM Jamie Simmons <sapsuckers...><mailto:<sapsuckers...>> wrote:
I'll stick my neck out...
The orange on the bill as shown in my pics (and better in Doug's) seems to have a faint sliver that creeps up the bill, maybe as high as half way up the nostril.
Also, bill size appears to be quite variable in Taiga per the Macaulay Library.

I'm leaning toward Taiga, based mainly on the orange on the bill.
Surely there is more that I haven't looked at, and I expect to hear more informed opinions.

Jamie Simmons

On Sun, Nov 25, 2018 at 7:26 PM W. Douglas Robinson <w.douglas.robinson...><mailto:<w.douglas.robinson...>> wrote:
Here are some pics from today of the Bean Goose.


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