Date: 11/25/18 4:21 pm
From: W. Douglas Robinson <w.douglas.robinson...>
Subject: [obol] Bean Goose at Finley, tips for finding it
Hi folks

First, it is probably premature to cal this a Tundra Bean-Goose. Let’s work through the details to reach the proper diagnosis. The bird appears longer of bill and has a more oblong head shape than the Nestucca bird a few years back. No doubt we will get plenty of pics and can get this right.

Second, if you are looking, I would recommend that finding the geese where they are roosting gives you the best chance. That means getting to McFadden Marsh on Finley Road early in the morning or fairly late in the afternoon is best. Geese roost there overnight then depart in the morning to forage in grass fields around the county, sometimes flying over into Linn, or even south into Lane County. If the bird is not at McFadden, the other likely roosting location is Cabell Marsh on Bruce Road (end of the boardwalk has a gazebo where you can scan the marsh; the dike is closed for the season). Many of the geese also roost on private quarry ponds east of the refuge along the river. The bird may not even roost on Finley.

Driving and scanning fields for goose flocks might be useful if the bird is missing from the marshes. The most often visited sites are grass fields along MacFarland, Bruce, and Finley Roads. There is a corn field along Old River Road that often has geese foraging in it during the day. The fields along Bruce Road west of McFadden are where the bird was hanging out this afternoon after it flushed from McFadden.

The bird has a missing or mostly missing left foot so it limps when walking. Sometimes it sits in a flock of geese and can be easy to overlook unless it stands up and starts limping along.

Finally, congrats to Sylvia for being the birder who happened along at just the right time.

Good luck!

PS if you eBird the bird, please write a description of field marks and try not to just say “Continuing.” We’d like details on what you see. Pics are always great, too!

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