Date: 11/25/18 2:42 pm
From: Chuq Von Rospach <chuqvr...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Coyote Valley OSP 11/25
I was able to head out and spend some time in Coyote Valley today.

First stop was Laguna which was pretty quiet. No sign of the mountain
bluebirds. I did run into the flock of pipits, which as at least 35 birds
and maybe as high as 50. That just seems strange, especially there. Otehr
than that it was a couple of kestrels, a shrike and a mixed flock of
Brewer's Blackbirds and Starlings.

I then headed down to Coyote Valley OSP and hung out for an hour in the
lot, where I also ran into a couple of others who read SBB on and off
(waves hi). We were initially greeted by a kestrel that had found about a
foot long snake and had it for lunch, and a logger head shrike that was
hunting and caught at least one grasshopper.

Raptor activity was not massive but we had good numbers and a variety of
species. highlight was a pair of golden eagles we saw two or three times
soaring to the south, and a red-tailed hawk and a white-tailed kite that
got into a tussle mid-air.

Highlight: while looking at a couple of soaring hawks overhead in the
binoculars, I started seeing flashes of white and black behind them.
Scanning the sky, I found a flock of white-throated swifts hunting. They
were at some altitude, above the hawks, and actively flying around in a
loose flock. My counting tries ultimately found 13 birds but there might
have been more. At one point we heard them overhead chittering as they

a magpie came in and demanded we take it's picture, and so we did, but most
of them stayed at distance.

Chuq Von Rospach -
Email: <chuqvr...>
Twitter: @chuq
Silicon Valley, California

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