Date: 11/25/18 11:26 am
From: Frank Vanslager via Groups.Io <Vanslagerf=<>
Subject: [southbaybirds] On The Bay Trail From The Crittenden Area on 11/25/18

In spite of the fact that it was a Hunting Day (Wed, Sat, and Sun in Santa Clara County?) I thought I'd check if there was anything different along the Bay Trail.  There wasn't.  At about 9 I was along the triangle area when I saw a flock of Least Sandpipers making a number of flights to feed on that barren flat.  Then I noticed that when they flew from one area, a half-dozen birds remained.  So I walked further, to about the center of the northern side of the triangle, and looked part way out to the south.  Sure enough, there were 9 Snowy Plovers sitting there.

I went further east about another half-mile and saw a large number of hiding water-fowl, and 6 Forster's Terns that hadn't migrated to the south, but nothing different.  I did register 48 species.

Frank Vanslager

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