Date: 11/24/18 6:39 pm
From: <susan...>
Subject: Winter Hummingbirds

Well, we are now in Winter Hummer season. After a number of late,
lingering Ruby-throateds across NC, I am now getting reports of
Selasphrus (Rufous/Allen's types) from the mountains and the Piedmont.
There are also a smattering of coastal Rubys, as expected. Given that
we have not had significantly cold weather yet, I imagine a good number
of hummingbirds have yet to find feeders and/or get reported.

Presumably the banded female Rufous at the Davis"s home in Apex (Wake
Co.) is back on site for her fifth winter. I am waiting for colder
weather to confirm it is indeed who we think it is--- although I had
little trouble trapping her last year.

Just a reminder to keep your sugar water fresh-- should you be
maintaining a feeder. It needs only be changed about every ten days.
And please let me know if you have a visitor anytime between now and
March 15th!

Susan Campbell
Southern Pines, NC

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