Date: 11/23/18 4:09 pm
From: janna pauser <jannapauser...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Phainopepla returns to GOG 11-23-18
I did a loop in Guadalupe Oak Grove Park this afternoon between showers.
A male PHAINOPEPLA has returned to the mistletoe laden scraggly oak tree
near the Vargas Drive gate. A RED BREASTED SAPSUCKER was flying from
tree to tree in the neighborhood outside the gate. I had a second duller
RBSA on the middle trail towards Fontana Park and a possible third where
three trails meet near a landmark boulder. The park was very birdy for
mid afternoon with lots of sparrows and WESTERN BLUEBIRDS seen.

Intending to bird at Almaden Lake Park this morning, I found the park
closed. I birded up the steep hill opposite the lake and found a SLATE
COLORED JUNCO. Birds were active all along this trail hiking up and
quiet on the return half an hour later. Next I decided to look for the
Swamp Sparrow I found yesterday and ran into Ann Verdi who had seen it a
bit further north along the Guadalupe River trail. I didn't see it today
but three SORA were out in the open and five GREAT TAILED GRACKLES were
in the cattails.

Janna Pauser
San Jose

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