Date: 11/21/18 5:12 pm
From: Liam Waters <youngeaglewaters...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Moose Hill (Sharon) 11/19
I spent almost 6 hours walking 7 miles of the trails at Moose Hill
Wildlife Sanctuary in Sharon on Monday morning trying to get a handle
on how many Red Crossbills and Red-breasted Nuthatches are in the cone
laden white pines. I had a minimum of 90 Red Crossbills and 243
Red-breasted Nuthatches. The best areas for the Crossbills seemed to
be around the nature center and along the bluff loop and the best
stretch for Red Nuts was definitely the vernal pool loop, especially
between the parking lot and where the trail splits and then again near
the boulders (along Everett rd). I am still working on the audio
recordings, but per Tim Spahr there were types 1, 2 and 10 (all of
which have been here so far this fall). No sign of Evening Grosbeaks.
Some more comments and a full list (as will audio recordings
eventually) is here:
Happy birding,
Liam Waters
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