Date: 11/20/18 6:56 pm
From: Anne & Dan Heyerly <tanager...>
Subject: [obol] Monday Nov. 19, 2018 - Lane County Raptor Route #1 - Snow Goose and a shrike

The raptor route we run is labeled Lane #1. The best bird of the day was
tallied prior to starting the route. One lone Snow Goose was among the flock
of Canada (Dusky) Geese grazing on the ball fields behind the Bethel School
District offices near the intersection of Barger Dr. & Belt Line Rd. in West

In addition to the Snow Goose, we saw one shrike along a private
driveway/fencerow approximately 100-yards north of the intersection of
Milliron Rd. and Vogt Rd. The driveway takes off to the west from Vogt Rd.
This is the exact same site where Anne and I found a Loggerhead Shrike on
March 26, 2005. This one got away so we can't say for sure what it was, it
was probably a Northern, but it merits a return visit to check it out.

The Lane route #1 generally is described as Fern Ridge Reservoir and the
areas around it that are bounded by K.R. Nielsen Rd., Cantrell Rd. and Hwy.
126 on the south, Central Rd., Ellmaker/Jeans/Territorial/Alvadore Rds. on
the west, Franklin Rd./Hwy. 36/Milliron Rd. to the north, and
Vogt/Greenhill/Merryman/Fir Butte/and Fisher Rds. to the east. We stop and
scope at several locations, plus we walk out Royal Ave. past the gate for
approximately 200 yards to scope for whatever might be there. The route was
60-miles long and it took us a little under 5 hours to complete. The weather
cooperated with unlimited visibility, clear skies, and unseasonably warm
temps after the morning cloud cover burned off.

Anne and I were joined this time by Nate Bales and Jeff Fleischer. Jeff, as
you know, is the manager of all the routes and who has moved to Eugene from
Albany in the past year. I did the same, moved to Eugene from Albany, but I
pulled it off 45 years ago in 1973. That was the same year Oregon QB, and
NFL Hall of Famer Dan Fouts was drafted into the NFL! The route took us a
little longer than is typical, and I attribute it to more eyes looking for
things to see and record.

Here are the raptor species we saw and the numbers we tallied:

Red-tailed Hawk 31
American Kestrel 27
Northern Harrier 17
Bald Eagle Ad/Imm 9/4
Rough-legged Hawk 1 (Dark Phase near the intersection of Franklin Rd.
and Alvadore Rd.)
Red-shouldered Hawk 4 (all in the area past the Royal Ave. gate)
Peregrine Falcon 1 (roosting on a stump south of the park at
the end of Shore Ln.)
Turkey Vulture 9
Total Individuals 93

That's it for November. Happy Thanksgiving! Oh, go ahead and have a second
piece of pie!

Dan & Anne Heyerly
Eugene, OR

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