Date: 11/20/18 3:08 pm
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Subject: [obol] Re: Fwd: possible yellow-billed loon, Nehalem river

No "possible" here. Nice find! This is without a doubt a Yellow-billed Loon, albeit one that shows more dark feathering on the head than they often do in mid-winter. The bill is clearly all-yellow and it has the little dark ridge extending out onto the culmen. Just Sunday I happened to mention to Shawneen that Oregon doesn't seem to get Yellow-billed Loons with the frequency that we did back a couple decades ago.

Dave Irons.

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Subject: [obol] Fwd: possible yellow-billed loon, Nehalem river

Hi all, I am scoping at Kellys Marina on Highway 101 just south of Wheeler. And very near shore is a loon that has a distinctly pale yellow bill. Iíve taken some good pictures that I will upload later but I thought I would send some lousy digiscoped pictures in the meantime. I donít know if these pictures give enough of the color of the bill. Stay tuned.

Itís now 2:13 PM in the Loon is right at the end of the rocks here.


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