Date: 11/20/18 1:39 pm
From: janna pauser <jannapauser...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Swamp Sparrow on Guadalupe River trail
I birded the Guadalupe River trail north of Blossom Hill Rd this
morning. I came across a quiet HOUSE WREN while looking at LINCOLN'S
SPARROWS. I walked down the gravel spur trail and found a SWAMP SPARROW
out in the open. At first I thought it was a Lincoln's Sparrow with a
very white throat. I came back later with Karen Burnson and got the
diagnostic field marks while Karen photographed this skulking bird. It
had a rufous crown and wings, gray face, dark eye line, white throat
with dark lateral throat lines.

North of the drainage a WHITE THROATED SPARROW was found in a tree.
Roadwork is being done in the area so we parked behind Pier 1. Access to
the trail is at Blossom Hill Rd and Blossom River Drive.
Karen's photos are here.

Janna Pauser
San Jose

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