Date: 11/20/18 11:14 am
From: Chuck Otte <cotte...>
Subject: Re: Evening Grosbeaks on the move
Interesting to see these reports Terry. But I wonder if Evening Grosbeak
(or crossbills for that matter) irruptions in the Great Lakes region truly
has anything to do with irruptions in Kansas. There's a lot of boreal
forest on the other side of the Great Lakes that contain these boreal
forest birds. When food sources to the north fail, those species head
south. What's north of Kansas? A whole lot of prairie before you get to
the forests. Do our birds come from the north, inlcuding
Minnesota/Wisconsin/UP of Michigan, or from the Rockies?

Banding data does little to help us out. 70 Evening Grosbeaks have been
banded in Kansas. The only encounter was in 1960 when one banded in March
in State College Pennsylvania was found dead in Kansas in August of the
same year. There has been one White-winged Crosbill banded in Kansas that
was never refound. 316 Red Crossbills have been banded in Kansas with only
2 encounters, both in Kansas.

So when we have Evening Grosbeaks show up in Kansas where do they come
from? I don't have a clue.


Chuck Otte <cotte...>
County Extension Agent, Ag & Natural Resources
Geary County Extension Office, PO BOX 28 785-238-4161
Junction City, Kansas 66441-0028 FAX 785-238-7166

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