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As someone who has only recently gotten serious about birding, I'd like to
thank Dave (and Greg Gillson) for the many online bird-ID resources they
have created. Very valuable insights above-and-beyond the best of bird

Empids this spring, Horned v Eared Grebes recently, Hutton's v Ruby-crowned
just yesterday, and another round of Gulls pending.



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Thanks for the shoutout Margie. I am working on setting up some signing
events in Eugene and elsewhere around the state in the coming months. For
those unfamiliar with the ABA field guide series, these statewide books
cover the most common 250-300 species one can expect to find in their state
and are designed for birders who are looking for a book that is more limited
in scope than a full guide to all the birds of North America. It's ideal for
folks who may just be getting started birding in Oregon and those who do
most of their birding close to home. Visiting birders are also a target
audience for these guides. Most of the species accounts include "best
places" to see that particular bird and there is also a birding calendar
year section with month to month suggestions of where to go birding around
the state. Nearly all the photos in the book are the work of Brian Small. He
is supplying his photos for the entire series of ABA statewide guides, which
have now been published for nearly 20 states.

Dave Irons


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Dear all,

I may have missed earlier discussion of this on OBOL, but I was pleased to
see, in the latest Buteo Books catalog, Dave Irons' new book - American
Birding Association Field Guide to Birds of Oregon.


Margie Paris

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