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atlas annual report -1 UpdateBurrowing Owl near Swanton Pond -1 UpdateStruve Slough to Swanton Road (S. to N. SC County) -1 Updateleucistic red-shouldered hawk at zmudowski -2 UpdatesSwamp sparrow still at Swanton Pond -1 UpdateHarris’s Sparrow, second day -1 UpdateBald Eagle -1 UpdateBlack scoter -2 Updates

atlas annual report

 "Alex Rinkert" : Nov 18 06:09PM -0800


Significant progress was made on the breeding bird atlas this year. Please
visit the Santa Cruz Bird Club website to view the annual report summarizing
our first two years of field...more

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Burrowing Owl near Swanton Pond

 Barry McLaughlin : Nov 18 05:06PM -0800

My wife and I made quick stop just after 10 am at the pond looking for the Burrowning Owl. It was sitting on the embankment on the side of the hill directly opposite the pullout on Swanton Road at...more

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Struve Slough to Swanton Road (S. to N. SC County)

 "Eric Feuss" : Nov 18 05:03PM -0800

Today's Santa Cruz Bird Club trip went from south to north county.

A great thanks to Brian for posting sightings as went along, while I drove -
what a team.

To round out some...more

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leucistic red-shouldered hawk at zmudowski

 Donald Glasco : Nov 18 12:23PM -0800

I refound Ryan’s partial leucistic RSHA. I watched it eating a large frog with a yellowish underneath. Appears to be a Yellow-legged Frog. I had no idea they were here.
Mediocre photos at ...more

 Don Roberson : Nov 18 04:04PM -0800

Cool bird but just for the record, the frog is a non-native Bullfrog. The only 'yellow-legged' frog in Monterey County is Foothill Yellow-legged Frog, and it is now extremely rare and local in the...more

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Swamp sparrow still at Swanton Pond

 David Apgar : Nov 18 11:50PM

A swamp sparrow continued 9-10 this am among flock of down-in-the-weeds Savannah sparrow at northwest end of pond; 2 other sparrows with clear breasts appeared briefly on mud flat at other end, too...more

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Harris’s Sparrow, second day

 Brian Schnack : Nov 18 09:30PM

Inspired by Alex’ sighting yesterday, Eric, Norman, Nico, and I spotted (starting at 1:10 or so) the Harris’s Sparrow on Swanton right to the east of Ladt Chance. Same spot — behind the ranch...more

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Bald Eagle

 Brian Schnack : Nov 18 08:22PM

Now at swanton pond, ferruginous hawk is present, and very unexpectedly, a bald eagle flying over the fields beyond the pond. Shrike was also here.
Sent from phone. Go Hawkeyes. Beat Navy.

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Black scoter

 Brian Schnack : Nov 18 04:09PM

Hey all,
Currently with a smalll group (SC bird club) at sea bright, and we have the booby along with the black scoter. Also had red throated and common loons.
Sent from phone. Go Hawkeyes....more

 Brian Schnack : Nov 18 04:14PM

Also just got the red necked!
Sent from phone. Go Hawkeyes. Beat Navy.
From: Brian Schnack
Sent: Sunday, November 18, 2018 8:09 AM...more

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