Date: 11/20/18 1:29 am
From: Alvaro Jaramillo <chucao...>
Subject: Re: [SFBirds] photos of Lesser Black-backed Gull and other notes 11/19/2018
I gather that the Farallons bird has been hypothesized to be the same bird
that was in San Mateo last spring. They both have a missing foot and from
what I have been told the age matches. I have not checked it out directly.

Alvaro Jaramillo

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Interestingly the first record of LBBG for SF County (I believe) was
recorded just a week ago on the Farallones:
The Ocean Beach bird is a year younger then the Farallon bird, so not the
same. Great find Jonah and Dominik,


At 05:05 PM 11/19/2018, Dominik Mosur wrote:
>Here's a link to the checklist with the photos:
>Additional sightings of note today included :
>Snowy Plovers - 27 roosting on Ocean Beach
>Say's Phoebes - 2 at Polo Fields, singles at Beach Chalet and Ocean
>Beach north dunes
>American Pipits - 15+ on Ocean Beach plus 1 over Beach Chalet, 4 at
>Polo fields
>Golden-crowned Kinglets - continue with flock in cypresses south side
>of polo fields
>PALM WARBLER - in dunes above Ocean Beach at Kirkham
>Western Meadowlarks - 3 in dunes on Ocean Beach
>For what it's worth, I went back out this afternoon checking Ocean
>Beach and Lake Merced at the Boathouse. No gulls roosting at the beach
>but hundreds were circling overhead and settling to roost at Lake Merced.
>Good luck,
>Dominik Mosur
>San Francisco

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