Date: 11/19/18 7:57 pm
From: Charles Patterson <chaspatt...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Merlin
Had a Merlin get into my greenhouse today.  I had the door open to clean
it out and left it for a while.  What he thought was in there is known
only to him.  He panicked, of course, and couldn't figure out how he got
in.  FYI, it does not help to open the door and expect him to find it. 
I finally had to crawl under him to get opposite  the door and let his
terror of me do the rest.  He seemed not to be the worse for wear as he
headed nearly straight up after exiting.  \

I wondered where all the titmouse feathers were coming from around the
feeders.  Now I know.

Charlie Patterson


Norwell, Ma

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