Date: 11/19/18 6:22 pm
From: Judy Bergmann <jbirds...>
Subject: Long-tailed Duck still at RMBS
From about 10 A.M. to noon I kept an eye out for the Long-tailed Duck as I searched Riverlands for other birds. No luck on the LT Duck. The Black Ducks were out by some mud flats at the water's edge in Ellis Bay along with many mallards. Had to search along Red School Road (turned north) for Tundra Swans. On a couple the yellow patch could be easily seen. There were probably a hundred Trumpeter Swans near them until a motorcyclist flushed them. The Tundras didn't move. Many Eurasian Tree Sparrows in nearby brush.

Biggest surprise was a Common Yellowthroat (first winter male, mask incomplete) at the end of the road at Cora Island. It was in the low bushes near where many Chickadees, Titmice, A. Goldfinch and expected woodpeckers, etc., were active.

Resumed my search for the LT Duck. A worker at the Audubon Center said she thought it had moved on. Hundreds of Canvasbacks out in Ellis Bay.
At 2:45 I swung back into the parking lot of Teal Pond. I was leaving, but just in case.... Many Common Goldeneye and Hooded Mergansers were still present along with a couple of Common Mergansers.
I was pulling toward the road to leave, but watching the pond near my car. What should swim toward me, quite near, but a Long-tailed Duck!
Last I saw of it, it was in the southeast corner of Teal Pond, very near the road.

Judy Bergmann
Rural Bonne Terre
St. Francois Co.

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