Date: 11/18/18 9:12 pm
From: Bill Tice <ticebill7...>
Subject: [obol] A 2nd Tufted Duck?
Hi All,
I spent some time the past two days searching for a looking at the Hood
River Tufted Duck. Yesterday I spent about an hour in the early pm without
success. The raft of scaup were south of the hook, fairly far out. This
morning the raft was along the north side of the hook in the river. I was
lucky and picked it out in 30 seconds or so, and took pics, some of which
were best approached as a burst because I could not be sure he was in the
frame, and you never knew when he was going to dive. Russ Morgan arrived
shortly afterward and I suspect he will post some pics. Now that I am home
and looking through some 100 + pics, I think there is a second bird, which
has a shorter tuft. I'd appreciated some feedback here, but at this point
is looks good for a young bird. If this is a 2nd bird, it might be the
first time in Oregon when 2 tufted dux were found in the same flock?

I left Russ and went to look for a Harris Sparrow around the corner and
walked around the sewage treatment plant, without success. At least I was
blessed with some aroma therapy. When I got back to my car Russ had left
me a note that there was now a long-tailed duck in the scaup raft. By the
time I got back to the raft, Russ explained they all took off and some were
now again at the west end of the hook. I scanned both rafts without
success. I birded elsewhere and returned there shortly after 4, mainly to
look for the long tailed duck. I did not refind it, but did refind the
reported Red-necked Grebe some 200 yards out into the river.

Otherwise, the day before I refound the Swamp Sparrow at the Discovery
Center in Wasco Co. As Ken Chamberlain explained, he was quite
cooperative, and I found him pretty viewable for a swamp sparrow. Here are
a couple pics

Russ said he got some pics today as well, which I suspect he'll post

Also, there is a Great Egret at Taylor Lake in Wasco Co, reported quite
recently which I refound today.

Bill Tice

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."
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