Date: 11/18/18 5:32 pm
From: Harvey Hiebert <hchiebert1...>
Subject: North Newton
Regulars for us at the feeders are pretty much the same as for others: r b nuthatch (2), chickadees, tufted titmouse (2), red bellied woodpecker, N flicker (yellow, & king of the suet and sunflower kernel sites), jays, Carolina wren, juncos, Harris’s sparrow (only 1) & passer domesticus of course. A downy woodpecker waiting out the flicker on the suet fluttered down and clung to the 1" steel pipe that holds the feeders. Not only clung but hitched itself up, as if it were wood, and then went over to the other steel pipe for the tray feeder to do the same.

But no w crowned sparrows, no w throated sparrows this year yet Or, actually, no starlings or red wings.

About 8 this morning we looked up to see, astonishingly , a thing that looked something like a dwarf human at the back of our garden and just at the edge of the shelter belt, which, with glasses showed to be a Great blue heron. There is no water here or nearby. It sat for some 15-20 minutes facing us, and appeared to have a gullet swelled with something—maybe a rodent from the nearby compost pile? It took off in a sleek very low horizontal line across the neighbors’ back yards, looking about twice size in the circumstances.

Yesterday a juvenile red shouldered hawk perched on a low branch about 8 feet up, at the edge of this same shelter belt. Rather than looking at our feeder activity it had its back to us and looked into the woods. Is the compost possibly that rich with rodents?

Harv Hiebert
North Newton
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