Date: 11/18/18 3:50 pm
From: David Apgar <d_apgar...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Swamp sparrow still at Swanton Pond
A swamp sparrow continued 9-10 this am among flock of down-in-the-weeds Savannah sparrow at northwest end of pond; 2 other sparrows with clear breasts appeared briefly on mud flat at other end, too far for me to separate from other possibilities (eg immature white-throated). At least one ferruginous hawk appeared over rise to north at 10 am accompanied by a red-tailed hawk and another large hawk that dove again quickly out of sight. Two sora heard not seen. No sign of clay-colored sparrow or burrowing owl. Immature bald eagle flew south along Route 1 between 2 ends of Swanton Rd around 10:15.

Swanton pond summary:

10 Mallard
6 American widgeon
8 Green-winged teal (but where are the drakes?)
18 Ring-necked duck
2 Bufflehead
4 Ruddy duck
California quail calling at both ends of pond
2 Pied-billed grebe
12 Rock pigeon
24 American coot
2 Sora (noted above)
2 Killdeer (at least)
1 Wilson's snipe
1 Great egret
2 Red-tailed hawk (1 noted above)
1 Ferruginous hawk (at least, noted above)
1 American kestrel (female)
1 Say's phoebe
6 Black phoebe
2 California scrub jay
12 American crow
2 Bewick's wren
1 Ruby-crowned kinglet
30 European starling
3 Purple finch
12 House finch
5 American goldfinch
20 Lesser goldfinch
1 Fox sparrow
12 Savannah sparrow (mentioned above)
2 Song sparrow
1 Swamp sparrow (at least, mentioned above, maybe 3)
15 Golden-crowned sparrow
25 White-crowned sparrow (1 leucistic)
2 Dark-eyed junco (Oregon)
1 Western meadowlark
30 Bicolored blackbird
15 Tricolored blackbird
12 Brewer's blackbird
10 Yellow-rumped warbler (Audubon's)

David Apgar

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