Date: 11/18/18 2:38 pm
From: Pamela Johnston <shovzan...>
Subject: [obol] Bill Evans
Tim has sent Eric Clough's remembrance of him, and I want to add some
things to it.

I first started birding with Bill Evans when he asked me to help him learn
bird songs of the area. We hit it off and started birding together in
Multnomah and Clackamas Co. He liked to see new places, and we went to
Steigerwald NWR as soon as it opened. He became confident enough in his
skills to start monitoring a Metro site on the Clackamas River, where he
encouraged me to join him. He later took on a different Metro property, and
when he and his wife moved to Beavercreek, he had a Prescott bluebird house
at the new place.

Bill was a generous and thoughtful person, who seized opportunities to
pursue his interest in birds while having fun with friends, like on those
Coos CBCs. While he worked at PDX, he arranged to tour the land surrounding
the runways to learn about the airport's wildlife management. It was a
fascinating experience that I
am grateful he invited me to join.

He encouraged me to go on pelagic tours, and had a record for perfect
weather. My worst pelagic weather days were all before I met him. Mr Bill,
thanks for everything.

Pamela Johnston

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