Date: 11/18/18 11:09 am
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Goodbye to OBOL from Mr. Bill
I would like to offer a farewell to OBOL and the Oregon birding community
on behalf of a dear friend of mine, Bill Evans (Mr. Bill). Mr. Bill
started birding with me back in 1995 or so. Once he got the hook in him it
was there for good. Sadly, Mr. Bill passed away in October. I know he had
some friends he met through OBOL, pelagic trips and CBC's. Bill would want
his friends and acquaintances to know he appreciated them. He had keen
mind and very much enjoyed and learned from all the OBOL postings. He
particularly enjoyed the conflicts, humor and drama OBOL is host to on
occasion. Only in a fun sort of way. He didn't take things too seriously
most of the time so OBOL was a great source of entertainment at times and
he really appreciated all the expertise made available by so many
outstanding birders in Oregon. Mr. Bill is gone in body from us but his
spirit lives on. Don't be surprised if a Mr. Bill sighting is reported
along with a headless duck in Area 51 at this year's Coos Bay CBC (pardon
the inside joke).

Eric Clough

PS: I posted this for Eric who met Bill way back in their college days.
I knew Bill mostly from the Coos Bay CBC. He always was fun to be around,
I will miss seeing him for sure. And yes, the Coos Bay CBC has an "Area
51" which only Bill and Eric covered and which had some extraordinarily
cosmic ornithological rarities that remain top secret. Cheers Mr. Bill!

Tim Rodenkirk

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