Date: 11/18/18 7:55 am
From: Lyn Topinka <pointers...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Hood River Tufted Duck Continues
for folks heading out there --- The Hook is just WEST of the mouth of the Hood River. ... Lyn

On Sun, 18 Nov 2018 07:24:47 -0800
Nicholas Mrvelj <nickmrvelj...> wrote:

> Good morning all,
> Yesterday morning, at around 7:30 am, Brodie Cass-Talbott, Ken
> Chamberlain, and I saw the male TUFTED DUCK at The Hook, which is
> just east of the mouth of the Hood River. It was mixed in with ~500
> Lesser Scaups (with perhaps a sprinkling of Greater Scaups mixed in).
> The conditions weren’t ideal when we saw it, as there was a slight
> chop and the wind was making it difficult to hold one’s scope steady.
> The raft was diving frequently as well, and was not particularly
> close to the nearest viewing location. Patience and persistence paid
> off however. When we saw the bird, it was on the edge of the raft,
> and it’s tuft was slicked straight up for a few moments. It stayed
> all the way on the outskirt of the raft while we viewed it, about 30
> seconds, and then it disappeared once more, not to be relocated.
> Hope this helps potential chasers, as I know this is a difficult bird
> to locate.
> Good Birding,
> -Nick Mrvelj


Lyn Topinka
Vancouver, Wa.
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