Date: 11/18/18 7:30 am
From: Bill Bradford <billbradford1...>
Subject: [obol] Boardman & Hermiston raptor routes
We ran the Boardman Raptor Route last week, covering 97.5 miles in 6.25
hours. Number were good -- it was the highest total number of raptors for
November since we started surveying 6 years ago -- but diversity was lower
than usual. Out of curiosity, we looked at this month's numbers compared to
the November counts in previous years.

Red-tailed Hawks: 81 (well over our November average of 55 in the previous
5 years)
American Kestrels: 42 (previous Nov avg is 37)
Northern Harriers: 11 (previous Nov avg is 7)
Bald Eagle adults: 3 (same as our Nov avg of 3)
Bald Eagle subadults: 0 (same as our Nov avg of 0)
Prairie Falcons: 3 (previous Nov avg is 1)
Merlins: 0 (we usually get at least 1; there was a Merlin at the Boardman
Marina but that's not on our route)
Accipiters: 0 (We usually get 1 or 2 Coopers and/or Sharpies)
Owls: 0

On a sad note, it looks like there's work being done on a Bombing Range
Road dirt bank that has been a reliable spot for finding Barn Owls in the
last few years. We saw no evidence of owls this month, and several of their
roosting/nesting cavities have been covered up.

The Hermiston West route is relatively new to us and this year's results
look similar to last year's. We covered 43.5 miles in 4+ hours, totaling 51

Red-tailed Hawks: 27
American Kestrels: 16
Northern Harriers: 2
Bald Eagles: 0
Prairie Falcons: 2
Cooper's Hawk: 1
Sharp-shinned Hawk: 1
Un-identified birds: 2

Bill Bradford
Lora Minty

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