Date: 11/17/18 4:11 pm
From: Russ Namitz <namitzr...>
Subject: [obol] Off topic: Coos Sea Otter
Hey all-

I was out at Cape Arago today and saw a branded Steller Sea Lion (66OR) at Simpson Reef on the sand (Shell Island). Also 6 Northern Elephant Seals were present as well as a dozen HARLEQUIN DUCKS.

Out at the end of Cape Arago overlook, there was a Sea Otter rafting on its back just offshore. Long whiskers, lighter fur around face and large hind flippers distinguished it immediately from the more common River Otter.

Lots of PACIFIC LOONS migrating south still.

Russ Namitz

PS: Still working on who to report these marine mammal sightings to, but welcome thoughts and suggestions.

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