Date: 11/17/18 2:49 pm
From: Phil Pickering <philliplc...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Gold Beach gulls & Horned Lark
> At the Gold Beach Marina, there continues to be > a flock of about
2000 gulls comprised mostly of > CALIFORNIA GULLS. There are almost
100 > HERRING GULLS but very few GLAUCOUS-> WINGED GULLS, which I
found interesting
It is interesting but not atypical of big late fall/winterflocks at
estuary mouths and along the beaches upand down the Oregon coast to
consist largely of mixedCal and Herring. At least a partial reason
must haveto do with habitat preference given large numbers ofthose two
species are partially pelagic, ranging offshoreand resting along the
immediate coast. It makes sense they would be concentrated together.
Lesser numbersof Glaucous-winged are also pelagic, but
generallyspeaking they are much more of a pasture gull.
Also Glaucous-winged (adults at least) are typicallythe latest species
to show up in numbers along thecoast, so timing of migration of
different populationsmay have something to do with it.

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