Date: 11/17/18 6:51 am
From: Father Nick Blaha <blahablaha...>
Subject: Golden & Bald Eagles, Lyon County
Yesterday, a bald eagle swooped over I-35 as I merged from the Merchant
St./Hwy 99 interchange headed south. I have seen this repeatedly over the
years that I've lived here, in exactly the same fashion. The woods around
the Neosho River that runs north of town seem to be hospitable to what I
presume are eagles passing through each year.

About a week ago I spotted a juvenile golden eagle that flew along side the
road about 20 feet off the ground just beside my trick as I drove along a
gravel road just east of the Flint Hills Wildlife Refuge in Coffee County.
At first I thought the huge bird was a turkey vulture, but the white band
in the tail and enormous hooked bill gave it away. He landed in a tree off
the side of the road and I confirmed the ID with a pair of binoculars-
golden head, white band in the tail, no mottling of the plumage to indicate
a possible juvenile bald eagle.
*Nos sumus tempora: quales sumus, talia sunt tempora.*

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