Date: 11/16/18 9:33 pm
From: William Rowe <rowemb45...>
Subject: Blackbird swarm, Katy Trail bottoms
I spent about 4 hours in Weldon Spring CA, St. Charles Co., today, over
half of it in the bottoms off the Katy Trail access. The corn stubble and
sunflower fields there were full of many thousands of blackbirds (at a
guess, 20,000+), largely redwings but including many starlings and
cowbirds, some grackles, a few Rusty Blackbirds, and one male Yellow-headed
Blackbird that I saw briefly after watching the flocks for an hour or more.
In addition, I had a few Western Meadowlarks; this area has been a regular
location for them in fall and winter for some years. A lot of hawks were
around, and one Red-tail was a handsome dark-morph adult.

Bill Rowe

St. Louis


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