Date: 11/16/18 9:01 am
From: Ben Weinstein <benweinstein2010...>
Subject: [obol] small GHOW fern hill park, NE Portland
Hi all,

About 10 minutes ago I had an interesting, and frustratingly incomplete,
sighting. I was at Fern Hill Park in NE Portland with my dog, without binos
or a cell phone, and found an owl tucked close to the trunk of large fir,
about 10m up. The bird was being harassed by several crows. It had large
ear tufts. Obviously size can be tricky, but the bird was slender and
smaller than a barred owl. My experience with GHOW is that they feel large
and heavy. I could not see any color, but it definitely had some white
around the chin. Given this, and the relative rarity, I think its safe to
rule out LEOW, but it took me awhile. If anyone is around Fern Hill, it was
in the first set of trees behind the dog park, away from the roads.

Ben Weinstein

Ben Weinstein, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow
University of Florida

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