Date: 11/15/18 1:08 pm
From: Sheran <sheran...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Malheur NWR South End and Frenchglen to Fields Raptor Count
Thanks for the fabulous photos! Still 6 weeks left for you 240 goal—good luck.


From: Rick Vetter
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Subject: [obol] Malheur NWR South End and Frenchglen to Fields Raptor Count

Joan Suther and I conducted the Malheur NWR and Frenchglen to Fields raptor counts today and tallied 10 species on the Refuge count and 6 species on the Frenchglen to Fields count. The counts were below average in species and numbers but two records occurred. A Northern saw-whet owl and a high count of 3 short-eared owls observed in one group.

8 degrees for the low and 51 for the high temps., winds up to 5 mph. with high thin clouds and light haze. A nice day in Harney county and better than -1 we experienced on Sunday!

And a bonus was a barn owl on the side of the road near Burns to add to our annual Harney county lists to get us closer to 240 for the year.

Malheur NWR Count (South End)

4 Red-tailed Hawks

3 Rough-legged Hawks

10 Northern Harriers

6 Golden Eagles

1 Great Horned Owl

3 Short-eared Owls

1 Northern Saw-whet Owl (a first!)

3 Common Ravens

24 Black-billed Magpies

1 Northern Shrike

56 Total, plus 24 Hooded mergansers, 1 Wood Duck, 2 Virginia Rails, 1 Sora and 2 Canyon Wrens among some of the other eBird documented species on the route.

Frenchglen to Fields

2 Red-tailed Hawks

4 Golden Eagles

1 Prairie Falcon

17 Common Ravens

21 Black-billed Magpies

45 Total, plus 45 Common Mergansers at Six Mile Lake, among many other eBird documented species.

Yes, we count all the avian meat eaters!


Rick Vetter

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