Date: 11/15/18 6:24 am
From: JOHN ECKSTINE (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Pine Siskens visiting Hanahan SC
Our number of gold finches has continued to climb this week to about a dozen (last year only saw a grouping of three towards end of winter) and yesterday they were joined by about a half dozen or so Pine Siskens. Both are back in good numbers this morning on thistle and sunflower heart feeders.

Also, one lone adult Baltimore Oriole showed up about two weeks ago (reported around here earlier in late October) and we saw a 2nd adult male yesterday. Two years ago a flock of 6 showed up on Christmas Day and stayed for the winter. Last year, a flock of three, arriving around Christmas Day and stayed throughout. We'll see if more come visit and stay.

Pat and Jack Eckstine

Goose Creek Reservoir

Hanahan, SC

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