Date: 11/14/18 1:33 pm
From: David Weaver <cygnus-dkw...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Plum Island (Parker River NWR) - 11-14-2018
David Moon and I braved the cold and gale-force winds to lead today's
Wednesday Morning Birding program on to Parker River NWR from Joppa
Flats Education Center.  Our visit to the north end of Plum Island was
short lived as with sand in our faces, we turned tail and retreated to
our vehicles.  In my many visits to the north end of the island, I have
never experienced such strong winds -- a steady 30+ mph out of the
northwest with gusts between 40 and 50 mph!  Without the sand,
conditions on Hellcat dike were very similar.  Obviously, birds were
hunkered down.  Skies were partly cloudy and temps topped out at 37.
Wind chill was in the upper teens.  It was pretty danged brutal!

Our somewhat brief list:

Canada Goose (~ 200) - ~ 50, various; ~ 150, flock overhead at The
Warden's, moving south.
American Black Duck - common; throughout the marsh.
Mallard (2) - Stage Island Pool.
Common Eider (4) - Emerson Rocks.
White-winged Scoter (1) - seven ocean.
Black Scoter (1) - seven ocean.
Common Goldeneye (2) - hens; three ocean.
Red-breasted Merganser (3) - Emerson Rocks.
Red-throated Loon (5) - 4, seven ocean; 1, three ocean.
American Bittern (1) - Bill Forward Pool, adj Hellcat dike (thanks
MaryMargaret & Dave Adrien).
Great Blue Heron (1) - North Pool from Hellcat dike.
Northern Harrier (1) - over marsh n. Cross Farm Hill.
Black-bellied Plover (1) - seven beach.
Sanderling (1) - seven beach.
Dunlin (~ 18) - three beach.
[Ring-billed Gull - common, Joppa Flats.]
Herring Gull - common.
Northern Flicker (2) - three boardwalk.
Northern Mockingbird (1) - parking lot #7.
European Starling - several medium-sized flocks.
[American Tree Sparrow (1) - Joppa Flats.]
Song Sparrow (1) - The Warden's.
Dark-eyed Junco (2) - roadside between parking lots 1 & 2.

We will meet again next week back at Joppa Flats at 0930 for Wednesday
Morning Birding. For more information about Joppa Flats programs, call
David Moon or Dave Larson at 978-462-9998.

Dave Weaver
Manchester, MA 01944
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