Date: 11/14/18 8:11 am
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Coos/Curry Birds of late
Eric Clough was out canoeing on upper Coos Bay last Saturday to scout for
the 25 Nov Pacific Flyway Shorebird Survey. In addition to a 1,000 Dunlin
and 10s of BBPL he had three LB Curlew or Whimbrel fly over that he didn’t
see well enough to ID to species. I was out at Moldycoma Marsh on Monday PM
and saw lots of shorebirds roosting on wood off in the bay including a
couple of larger shorebirds that appeared to be godwits or curlews (did not
have my scope). I went out with scope yesterday PM but saw no larger
shorebirds- dang. I did have a calling yellowthroat near 2nd kiosk (where I
have just started putting seed down) and a quiet Swamp Sparrow that popped
up in full view without calling. I usually hear but do not see this species
so to see it well and not hear anything was a bit strange! All the kiosks
have been re-built at marsh, looking really nice!!

Last weekend Mike Seedborg saw 4 Snow Geese with other geese flying over N
Spit Coos Bay.

I talked to Terry Wahl yesterday and on Monday he had Say’s Phoebes on both
their upper and lower ranches near Cape Blanco/Langlois, Curry. On the
lower ranch he has had a blue phase Snow Goose for two weeks which was
joined by another Snow Goose on Monday. He says the ranch is jammed with
Cacklers (Aleutians and minima minimas) as well as regular Canadas- not
something he normally sees this late in November or in this big of numbers.

Happy birding!
Tim R

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