Date: 11/14/18 7:15 am
From: William Grant <wbgrant...>
Subject: [SFBirds] 535 American Crows at Rincon Center Nov. 13, 5:20 pm, gone at 7:15

I reported at ebird: Roosting in trees, on roof, counted by 2s; passed by the same area around 7:10 pm and the crows were gone. Evidently they arrive there, communicate loudly with other crows, then go elsewhere for the night, perhaps on roofs where they can be warmed by air from the air-handling systems.

I plan to return some late afternoon and watch them arrive, then depart.

If this part of SF is their preferred area to overnight, counting them there could give an estimate of the SF crow population. Does anyone know other places they spend the night?

I often see 50 crows on Pacific Ave. between Van Ness and Franklin arrive around 8:00 am, then depart for the day's activities. Sometimes I also see them flying by on their way east in the morning.


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