Date: 11/14/18 6:41 am
From: Stephen Holzman <steveholzman2...>
Subject: [obol] Barn Owl - Hatfield Marine Science Center - Lincoln County
Sometimes it pays to get to work early. While making a turn into the
Hatfield MSC my headlights caught a large bird flying into a small
tree. I was able to get the bird in my headlights and view with it
with binoculars. The distinctive barn owl face looked back at me for a
few minutes before it continued off to the south. I know eBird doesn't
tell the whole story but I did find some records from 8/31/2018 and
some from 10/05/2012. There is also a record from 10/22/2017 at the
South Jetty. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to build and install a
Barn Owl box on Hatfield? Hoo doesn't love owls?

Steve Holzman
Newport, OR
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