Date: 11/13/18 5:40 am
From: Sally Nelson <snelson4242...>
Subject: [obol] New Home Bird--Creswell
Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker 11/12 afternoon in the lower driveway, at sap
wells in pear tree trunk, on pine trunks, and eating a mushy apple still on
the tree.

It was an immature male already all red on crown but red on throat only
partly in, as was black "bib". In good sun could see the little tips of
rest of the throat red and chest black feathers starting.

A Red-Breasted Sap checked the visitor out and unwelcomed him with a sort
of belly-bump on the back as he was hanging onto the pine trunk, but
otherwise left him alone.

Sally Nelson
west of Creswell, Lane Co., OR

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