Date: 11/12/18 5:32 am
From: Given <given.nancy...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Lawrence Crow Patrol (with Dana Duxbury-Fox and Bob Fox)
Janet & I arrived in Lawrence just after 3pm — stopping at a D&D on our way to meet Dana & Bob at New Balance. As we pulled in, we saw a Fish Crow balancing on a phone wire — calling out. He was soon joined by other crows (Fish and American) parading around the parking lot and sprinkling the sky like black stars — getting ready for the opening curtain. We spent the next 2 hours with Dana, Bob and thousands of crows. What an amazing afternoon!

At the New Balance parking lot, we could see crows flying east and west, up and down, joined briefly by an immature Bald Eagle. From there we rode with Dana & Bob to South Canal Street — crows staging everywhere. As we watched 100s flying to the west, Dana pondered what they were doing (apparently yet another snafu in their evening routine). We drove across Duck Bridge to watch more and more crows coming in, galloping in the grass, covering treetops, rooftops, light posts and wires. We followed them as far west as Pemberton Park — a park filled with trailers for residents who had lost gas in their homes earlier this fall… and with crows.

Driving back along South Canal Street, every square inch was filling in with crows, many more streaming in from the south. Ending back at the New Balance parking lot, we walked to Duck bridge overlooking the trees along the Merrimack River, where the crows could be seen settling in for the night — talking to and at one another. Good night crows!

Special thanks to Dana and Bob for sharing their knowledge and years of Crow-watching experience with us. Understanding the habits of these Crows is clearly a deeply held passion for them, and we were thrilled to be able to share it with them.

Janet Kovner & Nancy Given
(Medford & Somerville)
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