Date: 11/11/18 1:35 pm
From: Bill Tice <ticebill7...>
Subject: [obol] The eagle and the turkey
Hi All,
About noon my wife and I went for a walk along Pedee Creek Road in western
Polk County. We had plans to hike up Bald Mt but gates were closed about a
mile from the road at the start of the mountain and we were not
adventurous enough to go all that way, so walked in the lowlands. In a
field at the north end of the valley along Pedee Creek was a flock of some
20 turkeys, which suddenly started flying back toward the road/cover. This
was quite odd and all I could figure was something was going to flush
them. Sure enough, a Golden Eagle made a pass at them, but did not
succeed. I more suspect he was looking for an injured one as they do with
geese because he could have nabbed one as close as he was and as slow as
they were flying. I felt this was pretty cool never having seen such
before, and golden eagle has become quite difficult to find in Polk Co
these days. Kites have also wintered in this valley, but we did not see
any. The fact that there is a new filbert orchard in the middle of the
valley will likely be a deterent for them now.

Bill Tice

"If you don't know where you're going, any road will get you there."
George Harrison

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