Date: 11/11/18 12:59 pm
From: David Zittin <dzittin...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] SCVAS Field trip at Sunnyvale Water Treatment Plan
Hi Birders,
Twelve of us braved the harsh, windy South Bay Environment and we fared well.

I broke the observations into two lists: one list starts at the Carl Road-Bay Trail intersection and continues SE to the north end of the SMART station.
The other starts in about the same place, but is a list of birds acquired as we walked out to the radar tower and includes the Water Treatment Plant West Pond.
We saw over 50 species between the two lists.

Some highlights:
- An impossible to count number of Northern Shovelers, but using consensus and hyperventilation we estimated a count of about 5000 of this species.
- The second highest species by count were Canvasbacks and we estimated 1500.
- Virginia Rail and Sora clearly heard, and a Sora presented itself for a nice long, view
- Three Redheads were seen in among the Shovelers and Canvasbacks.
- At least 20 Western Meadowlarks
- Steve Tracy saw a Palm Warbler
- At least three Bonapartes Gulls
- Several Pipits (at least 20)
- One Wilson's Snipe
- Three Great-tailed Grackles
- One Lincoln's Sparrow

Complete lists are at:

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