Date: 11/11/18 12:46 pm
From: Bob Reiling <rreiling2...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Continuing Chestnut-collared Longspur and Palm Warbler

Early this morning (11/11) Robin Agarwal and I had several good views
of the continuing CHESTNUT-COLLARED LONGSPUR (no photo opportunity) in
the Shoreline Kite flying area (from about 7:40-8:30). I decided to
leave after the Longspur failed to show up after several groups of
AMERICAN PIPITS had flown into various grass areas of the kite flying
area (dry and green grass) and to the hills North toward the bay. I
then went to the Palo Alto Water Treatment Facility where I had a PALM
WARBLER perch on a nearby lower limb of a Eucalyptus tree. An open
area among the Eucalyptus trees near the fence on the East side of the
facility (100 to 125 yards South of the entrance road to the Byzbee
parking area) was very birdy and I counted myself lucky to get a
couple views of at least one nicely marked MYRTLE WARBLER (there were
lots of very plain AUDUBON'S WARBLERS with no sign of a supercilium),
I would agree with Steve Rottenborn's feeling that the ratio of Myrtle
to Audubon's in the valley is very low. I then went back to the Kite
Flying Area where I had another view of the Longspur re-found by
Matthew Dodder that then flew to the green grass area and was quickly
chased off by people working with their hang gliders.

Take care,

Bob Reiling


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