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Subject: Fwd: [PABIRDS] Wintering Hummingbird Reminder
See below.

KEEP THOSE FEEDERS UP!! Make no mistake, these western hummers are very cold hardy. Several years ago I banded a November Rufous Hummer in Lemont that, on her last day seen the following January, it was -9 F. with a wind chill of -30 -35 F.

This bird currently holds the low temperature tolerance record for a Rufous Hummingbird!


Wayne Laubscher
Lock Haven

"Owl be back"

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Date: November 11, 2018 at 2:07 PM
Subject: [PABIRDS] Wintering Hummingbird Reminder

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that now that it is November, if you observe a hummingbird
at your feeders please contact one of us and we will make arrangements with
you to come out to catch, band and identify it. Yesterday I was in NE PA
and although one would not go in the trap, I did manage to catch two rufous
hummingbirds that were only 1.5 miles apart. Today, I was able to catch and
identify another rufous in southeast PA.

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