Date: 11/10/18 8:09 pm
From: 'Elizabeth Van Dyke' via mbbirds <mbbirds...>
Subject: [MBBIRDS] Red-footed Booby Images
Hi MBB Fans of the Red-footed Booby,

As promised, I now have the photographs posted showing a Brown Pelican attacking the juvenile Red-footed Booby. See details below in my November 7, 2018 MBB postings. The bird survived. The first two images are of the attack. There are also images of the Red-footed Booby by itself and interactions between this bird and Brown Pelicans. I am revising my web site and it is temporarily down, so I posted the photos on flickr. They can be found under my name on flickr or at: <>

There has been conjecture regarding why the Brown Pelican may have attacked the Red-footed Booby. I observed two Brown Pelicans mating on that same perch later that day. It appears the Brown Pelican wanted the Red-footed Booby out of Pelican mating territory.

I also highly recommend Lisa Fay Larson’s flickr site for pictures of the Red-Footed Booby and more. <>. She was also there to witness the attack on the Red-footed Booby.

Elizabeth Van Dyke
Santa Cruz


On Nov 7, 2018, at 11:53 AM, 'Elizabeth Van Dyke' via mbbirds <mbbirds...> wrote:

The Red-footed Booby is back! I was in my car ready to leave the park and decided to walk the wharf again to check for the Red-footed Booby one last time. As of 11:50AM today it was back preening on the usual perch on the Cement Ship pier on the fence with the 4 concrete pillars. Whew~!

Elizabeth Van Dyke
Santa Cruz
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> On Nov 7, 2018, at 11:23 AM, Elizabeth Van Dyke <drvandyke9...> wrote:
> I watched the Red-footed Booby at the cement ship as it was quietly preening from about 9AM to 9:45AM today.
> Then a pelican deliberately and forcefully attacked it. The pelican flew down hard on it and knocked it off the perch located on the fence with the 4 concrete pillars. The Red-footed Booby was flipped backwards several times as it fell hard just beyond the 4 concrete pillars where it disappeared out of sight.
> I watched for it until 11:20AM and did not see it again. This attack was much more forceful than the usual poking and interaction with the pelicans on previous days. A Peregrine Falcon was feeding in the distance well on shore and had nothing to do with the attack.
> I got photos of the attack and will let you know when I post them, which may take a while.
> Lisa Fay Larson and others were present.
> Elizabeth Van Dyke
> Santa Cruz
> Sent from Elizabeth's iPhone

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