Date: 11/10/18 7:30 pm
From: Garrett Lau <Garrett.Lau...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] American Golden-Plover and Chestnut-collared Longspur, 11/10/18
The American Golden-Plover showed up at 12:15pm today, in the vicinity
of the white plastic bag in the marsh to the left of the railroad
tracks as seen from the EEC entrance road. However, it flew away five
minutes later when two Peregrine Falcons tussled over the marsh. As
far as I know, nobody saw it at any other time today.

After that, I went to the Shoreline kite-flying area to look the
Chestnut-collared Longspur. It wasn't there when I arrived, but Steve
Rottenborn was. About an hour later, Steve recognized its call when a
flock of pipits flew by. We followed the flock, and eventually all the
birders who had gathered there saw it. My photos of it are here:

Garrett Lau

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