Date: 11/8/18 9:18 pm
From: Paul Roisen <roisenp1950...> [NEBirds] <NEBirds...>
Subject: [NEBirds] Saunders and Polk Counties
Headed out early this AM to try to pick up the Long-tailed Duck at the Mead
Sewage Lagoons. No luck but as I headed to do a little Polk County
birding I would 3 White-winged Scoters hanging out with and actively
feeding with some Ring-necked Ducks on the east side of Lake Wanahoo and
possibly a 4 WW Scoter near the outlet on the south side.

County tics: 6 in Saunders for 112. The rest of the day was really
difficult birding. Butler 1 for 83, I had high hopes for Polk County
with only 22 life species. I covered the county very well but was really a
hard go with only 4 waterfowl species (3 of which were new) Despite very
low winds, only 16 new species in 5 hours to bring total of 38.

Did have a couple of nice mixed flocks:
220 Lapland Longspur (LALO) (7 Horned Lark no Snow Buntings. I parked
to count and take some photos. Birds would flush when cars and trucks
came zooming by yet kept returning to the same intersection and by the time
I left there were 7 dead LALP on the CR 66 east of Polk.

RD R 1 miles south for Flatsedge WMA
Blackbird Flock ~600-800
Red-winged Blackbirds ~550
Common Grackle 3
Brewer's Blackbird 75 (likely undercounted) Looked to be pretty even
between male and female. Undoubtedly, the largest number of Brewer's I
have seen in Nebraska in one place.
Rusty Blackbird 6 (one nice basic female)
Brown-headed 5

Kind of coolish this AM at 21 degrees

God Bless,

*Paul O. Roisen*
*Woodbury County, IA*
*Mobile 712-301-2817*

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