Date: 11/8/18 8:12 pm
From: Priscilla Sokolowski <priscillanhk...>
Subject: [obol] Rough-Legged Hawk and more; BOGS at Eugene Meadowlark Prairie
About 30 stalwart seniors went out birding for nearly two hours at 40
degrees and a steady light wind. Forty degrees. You do the math.
While things started pretty slow, our raptor count made steady gains,
and I heard no one complaining about anything but the cold weather by
the time we finished. A Red-tailed Hawk in a small scrubby apple tree;
a Northern Harrier sitting in the grass further away in the same
direction; an American Kestrel on a wire; and finally the Rough-legged
Hawk. Our path took us around slowly somewhat closer to the Hawks so
we were effectively keeping an eye on them for quite a while. We saw
the Harrier jumping up and down on a vole or some small critter. One
photo shows it flying off with the something in its talons. Are there
two little legs dangling from that critter?

The highlight for me was the Rough-Legged Hawk flying, kiting and
hovering at various times and gracing us with its presence for a few
minutes. It was not very close to us, but I am pretty happy with my
photographs. As for sex I would put it as an adult female, but I'm no


Birds of Oregon and General Science (BOGS) was led today by Floyd
Weitzel, whose inspirational "Birding for Seniors" classes back in the
80s led to the formation of this group in 1991. Our regular leader,
Steve Barron is recuperating from shoulder surgery.

Priscilla Sokolowski

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