Date: 11/8/18 6:25 pm
From: Clyde Sorenson <sorenson...>
Subject: Re: Falls Lake- Rolling View, 11/8
Kyle et al.: Your scaup numbers are interesting to me. 30 years ago, not
long after the lake was filled, for several years a flock of several
hundred to perhaps a thousand would show up on the lake for a week or two
near the first of December. We hunted them for several years, and their
appearance was almost like clockwork. I moved out west in 1989; when I
returned to NC in '96, that phenomenon apparently had ended.

On a related note- the New Hope Gamelands (now the bottom of Jordan Lake)
held sometimes astounding numbers of ducks before the lake, especially
after much of it had been cleared but before it was flooded. I remember one
snowy evening on a flooded oxbow when a couple hundred black ducks and
mallards landed all around us (we just watched in awe). There were far more
ducks in those bottomlands then than there ever have been on the lake...

And lots of short-eared owls, too!

Clyde Sorenson
Clayton and Raleigh, NC

On Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 7:04 PM, Kyle Kittelberger <carolinabirds...>

> Hey everyone,
> Always interesting to see how diversity and numbers of waterfowl fluctuate
> in the same week at Falls Lake. There is clearly a big movement of Common
> Loons occurring right now inland, I only had 6 a few days ago and this
> evening there were 99!! Horned Grebe numbers have dropped, as have numbers
> for Gadwall. Scaup numbers are up though, and now there are a handful of
> Greaters in the mix. Otherwise, the other notable addition was American
> Coot, with two rafts at different parts of the lake. Nothing of note among
> the gulls. Did have a Great Horned Owl calling though, nice to hear.
> Below are the list of birds I had from both swim beaches this evening at
> Rolling View.
> <>
> Northern Shoveler- 3
> Gadwall- 3
> American Wigeon- 3
> Mallard- 2
> Greater Scaup- 5
> Lesser Scaup- 20
> Bufflehead- 2
> Ruddy Duck- 12
> Pied-billed Grebe- 58
> Horned Grebe- 19
> American Coot- 76
> Bonaparte's Gull
> Ring-billed Gull
> Common Loon- 99
> Double-crested Cormorant- 28
> Cheers,
> Kyle Kittelberger
> Raleigh, NC

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