Date: 11/8/18 6:11 pm
From: Ken Chamberlain <kjchamberlain...>
Subject: [obol] Tillamook Bay Trip Report
OBOL Friends
Erik Bergman & I led a Portland Audubon field trip to sites around Tillamook bay today. We had a great group and calm warm weather. Highlights included:
Goodspeed Road, three PALM WARBLERS in a tight group, one SWAMP SPARROW, two WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS (one white stripped the other tan), one RED-SHOULDERED HAWK, at least three BLACK PHOEBES, also at least ten wintering and singing WESTERN MEADOWLARKS. We could not relocate the two NORTHERN SHRIKES found while scouting the previous day.
Barview Jetty County Park, encounters with three WRENTITS, no rockpipers.
Barview Tidepools, three HARLEQUIN DUCKS
Hwy 101 at Long Prairie Rd, three WHITE-TAILED KITES hover hunting the pastures and a dozen more WESTERN MEADOWLARKS.
Full checklists on eBird.
All the best
Ken Chamberlain
from Neskowin

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