Date: 11/8/18 4:19 pm
From: Jay Withgott <withgott...>
Subject: [PortlandAreaBirds] Summer Tanager and YB Sapsucker in inner NE Portland

Hi folks —

To my knowledge no one found the Summer Tanager this morning, despite 8 or 10 of us combing the neighborhood from 9am - 1 pm. Chad Crouch’s photos from yesterday morning can be seen in his eBird list here: <>
When he found the bird it was sitting on the ground (as if having either just flown down for an insect or for grit, or perhaps recovering from a window strike). When he approached it flew up to some foliage, seemingly healthy and OK, where his photos were taken. That was at 8:20 a.m. on the 7th.

As noted earlier, while searching for the tanager this morning, Tait Anderson and I came upon a sapsucker we feel is a Yellow-bellied because it has brownish juvenile plumage this late in the year, and shows no hint of red on the nape. A Red-naped would almost certainly be molted into largely adult-like plumage by early November. Photos of this bird can be seen in my eBird list here: <>

The sapsucker was extremely active during the few minutes it was at the intersection of NE Siskiyou and NE 9th Ave., flying quickly among about 6 trees, including a large straight-trunked Cedrus with sapsucker wells in the SW quadrant of the intersection. Andy Frank arrived just in time to get a brief view of the sapsucker, others missed it, and then Brodie Cass Talbot and Zack Schlanger relocated it in the Cedrus tree about an hour later.

Good luck, everyone. If anyone refinds the tanager, please try to get additional photos, which might potentially help us ID it to subspecies. Congratulations, Chad, on a fantastic find (and an amazing yard bird), and for being alert enough to get photos.

Jay Withgott

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