Date: 11/8/18 2:55 pm
From: Greg Scyphers <scyph...>
Subject: Pyramid Lake (more Scoters and a "small" gull)
This morning, 11-8-18, I birded some of the spots at Pyramid Lake. At the
South Nets beach all of the previously reported Scoters were present. Birds
here included 2 White-winged Scoters, 2 Surf Scoters, 1 Black Scoter, 1
Greater Scaup, 4 Hooded Mergansers and a smattering of Bufflehead and Ruddy

From the turnout along the highway above and south of Pelican Point, I
observed a distant small flock of Bonaparte's Gulls. As I panned through
the spread out group that was actively flying down to the water and wheeling
around in the wind, I observed a clearly smaller individual. The birds were
so distant and covering serious ground or more accurately water as they
moved quickly to the north. I watched the group fly past Pelican Point. I
quickly drove up to Windless Bay to try to intercept the flock but couldn't
relocate the birds again. Anyone birding Pyramid Lake in the near future
should keep an eye out for this flock. If encountered, look closely, you
may be rewarded with a Little Gull (probably a 2nd winter bird or shall I
more accurately say certainly not a first winter bird based on what I saw).

In Windless Bay, I found two more White-winged Scoters. As I drove over to
where I observed them, a boat flushed them. They both appeared to be adult
males with orangish bills, black bodies and white marks at the eye. The
birds flew way out and to the north. Also observed here was a flyby Pacific
Loon, two more Hooded Mergansers, a group of Gadwall and around 5 Common

At Sand Hole there was another Greater Scaup and 3 more Hooded Mergansers.
I guess they are starting to arrive in numbers now.

Finally, on the drive home in Palomino Valley there were some Mountain
Bluebirds along the highway.

Greg Scyphers
Sparks, NV

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