Date: 11/8/18 10:05 am
From: Gyekis, Joseph Peter <jpg186...>
Subject: request for ID comments on late fall warbler in State College
Hello Everyone,

I'm new to this list and I'm not sure of the list culture around ID requests but I'd really like more input about a silent late fall warbler I briefly saw in State College at dusk on Nov 5th. Carl Engstrom and I have been trying to relocate it but so far we've had no luck.

There is a poor quality video, which can be seen either stabilized or raw or trimmed to the relevant tidbit at this link:


There are some still frames from the video and comments on the eBird checklist here:


I'd love it if people would look at the video and make first impressions there before looking at the comments on eBird for that less biased impression. If you have comments about how you would handle it if it were your checklist to decide on, that would be appreciated.

Happy to take replies off list at <j99...> or <gyekis9...>

Thanks and happy birding.


P.S. On another note, a very tantilizing, square-tailed, stubby-looking swallow flew over State College this morning--it was silhouetted as it flew across above the horizon and below the sun--another bird I wish I got a better look at.

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Subject: [PABIRDS] Crawford - white fronted geese

I'm looking at two White-fronted Geese at Hartstown project feeding with Canada Geese at the edge of a corn field.
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